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Our Range of Plant Powders

You will find a large selection of plant powders at Martin Bauer. We offer these in a range of bulk weights and compressed weights, as well as various grain sizes. And what’s more, we can also supply most of our powders in organic quality. Take a look at our product range and take advantage of the wealth of possibilities for using our plant powders.



Aloe Mosselbay powder

Aloe ferox Mosselbay pulv. subt.

Artichoke leaves powder steamsterilised

Cynarae folia pulv. subt.

Birch leaves powder steamsterilised

Betulae folia pulv. subt.

Buckthorn bark powder steamsterilised

Frangulae cortex pulv. subt.

Butcher's Broom root powder steamsterilised

Rusci aculeati rhizoma pulv. subt.

Cascara Sagrada bark powder

Rhamni purshianae pulv. subt.

Chamomile flowers powder steamsterilised

Matricariae flos pulv. subt.

Dandelion herb powder steamsterilised

Taraxaci herba pulv. subt.

Dandelion root powder steamsterilised

Taraxaci radix pulv. subt.

Devils claw root powder steamsterilised

Harpargophyti radix pulv. subt.

Echinacea Purpurea herb powder steamsterilised

Echinaceae purpureae herba pulv. subt.

Eleuthero root (Siberian Ginseng) powder steamsterilised

Eleutherococci radix pulv. subt.

Fennel seeds powder steamsterilised

Foeniculi fruct. pulv. subt.

Gentian root powder steamsterilised

Gentianae luteae radix pulv. subt.

Ginseng root RED (low pesticides) powder steamsterilised

Ginseng panax C.A. Meyer radix red pulv. subt.

Ginseng root WHITE (low pesticides) powder steamsterilised

Ginseng panax C.A. Meyer radix white pulv. subt.

Gotu Kola herb powder steamsterilised

Centellae asiaticae herba (PH.EUR) pulv. subt.

Greentea powder steamsterilised

Theae viridae folia pulv. subt.

Hawthorn berries powder steamsterilised

Crataegi fructus pulv. subt.

Hawthorn flowers and leaves powder steamsterilised

Crataegi folia cum flos pulv. subt.

Henna BLACK powder

Hennae folia black (Indigoferae folia) pulv. subt.

Henna NEUTRAL powder

Hennae folia neutral (Cassiae auriculatae folia) pulv. subt.

Henna RED powder

Hennae folia red (Lawsoniae inermidis folia) pulv. subt.

Hibiscus flowers powder steamsterilised

Hibisci flos pulv. subt.

Horsetail/ Shavegrass herb powder steamsterilised

Equisiti arvensis herba pulv. subt.

Licorice root powder natural steamsterilised

Liquiritiae nat. radix pulv. subt.

Nettle leaves powder steamsterilised

Urticae folia pulv. subt.

Orthosiphonis leaves powder steamsterilised

Orthosiphonis folia pulv. subt.

Passionflower herb powder steamsterilised

Passiflorae herba pulv. subt.

Pau D´Arco bark powder steamsterilised

Tabebuiae cortex pulv. subt.

Peppermint leaves powder steamsterilised

Menthae piperitae folia pulv. subt.

Psyllium husk powder 30 mesh steamsterilised

Plantaginis ovatae testa 30 mesh pulv. subt.

Psyllium husk powder 40 mesh steamsterilised

Plantaginis ovatae testa 40 mesh pulv. subt.

Psyllium husk powder 60 mesh steamsterilised

Plantaginis ovatae testa 60 mesh pulv. subt.

Psyllium seed powder steamsterilised

Plantaginis ovatae semen pulv. subt.

Rosehip shells without seeds powder

Rosae pseudofructus sin. sem. pulv. subt.

Schizandra fruit powder steamsterilised

Schizandrae sphenanterae fructus pulv. subt.

Senna leaves Tinnevelly powder steamsterilised

Sennae folia Tinnevelly pulv. subt.

Senna pods (acutifolium) powder steamsterilised

Sennae acutifoliae fructus (alexandrinae) pulv. subt.

Senna pods (angustifolium) Tinnevelly powder steamsterilised

Sennae angustifoliae fructus (Tinnevelly) pulv. subt.

St. John´s Wort (Hypericum) powder steamsterilised

Hyperici herba pulv. subt.

Thyme herb powder steamsterilised

Thymi vulg. herba pulv. subt.

Valerian root powder steamsterilised

Valerianae officinalis radix pulv. subt.

White Willow bark powder steamsterilised

Salicis cortex pulv. subt.

> Minimum order quantity 500kg (standard production quantity >1000kg)
> Standard particle size is 60 m, but we can as well produce different mesh size
> Standard microbiological limits PH.EUR. cat. C or USP last editions
> Standard Powders can be produced as FOOD and/or PHARMACEUTICAL. Some as well for cosmetic use.
> Most of these powders can be organized as well from certified organic cultivation (but must be planned)