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Guarana-Lemon Sports Drink

Ingredients per 1000 ml:


921,95 g


35,00 g


35,00 g

Acidifier Citric Acid

2,00 g

Potassium Hydrogene Phosphate

1,40 g

Magnesium Lactate

1,20 g

Guarana Powdered Extract

1,00 g

Flavouring (Lemon, Raspberry)

0,80 g

Green Mate Powdered Extract

0,70 g

Cola Powdered Extract

0,40 g

Green Tea Powdered Extract

0,30 g

Rhodiola Powdered Extract

0,20 g

Ascorbic Acid

0,05 g

  • Functional sport drink containing natural caffeine derived only from Guarana, Green Tea, Green Mate and Cola
  • Caffeine content ~ 120 mg/l
  • Enriched with potassium and magnesium salts
  • Contains Rhodiola Extract that acts as an adaptogen
  • Enriched with dextrose and sugar as energy source