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Ingredients per 1000 ml:

Multi-Fruit Juice

493,95 g


493,95 g

Carrot Juice Concentrate

7,00 g

Elderberry Powdered Extract

2,00 g

Ginkgo Powdered Extract

1,40 g

Hibiscus Powdered Extract

1,00 g

Flavouring (Raspberry, Grenadilla)

0,40 g

Ginseng Powdered Extract

0,30 g

  • Functional beverage based on juices and extracts
  • Improves well-being and attentiveness
  • Based on Plantextrakt “Brain” Study
  • Contains study amounts of Ginseng and Ginkgo Extract. Ginsenosides: min. 13 mg/l, Ginkgofl avonglycosides: min. 11 mg/l