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Tea – known for thousands of years and still enjoying a high growth rate. Tea gives pleasure to many completely different consumer groups. Furthermore, tea is also experiencing an exceptionally positive trend outside its traditional field of application, e.g. in chocolate, candy or dairy products. Discover the diversity of tea and improve your earning potential.

  • Green Tea – Grenadilla

    Ingredients per 1000 ml:


    944.15 g


    50,00 g

    Natural Tea Flavour FTNF

    3.00 g

    Acidifi er Citric Acid

    1.50 g

    Green Tea Powdered Extract

    1.20 g

    Natural Grenadilla Flavour

    0.15 g

    • Soft Drink based on a very smooth-tasting Green Tea Extract
    • The less adstringent taste of this Green Tea is due to the high content of Theanin, which is kept at a higher level in the leaf when grown in shaded conditions

  • Black Tea – Vanilla

    Ingredients per 1000 ml:


    960.00 g


    30.77 g

    Natural Tea Flavour FTNF

    8.00 g

    Tea Powdered Extract

    1.20 g

    Natural Vanilla Flavour

    0.03 g

    • Strong Tea taste based on traditional Powdered Extract in combination with natural Tea and Vanilla Flavour

  • African Tea

    Ingredients per 1000 ml:


    940.00 g

    Strong African Tea Infusion

    60.00 g

    • Authentically tasting tea beverage
    • Tea solely sourced from Africa
    • No Flavour added
    • Slightly sweet tea Infusion contains 3% sugar

  • Green Tea – GenMaiCha Milk Drink

    Ingredients per 1000 ml:


    900.00 g

    Strong GenMaiCha Infusion

    100.00 g

    • GenMaiCha is a high quality Sencha Green Tea with roasted Rice
    • Pleasant, nice and nutty taste with a roasted fl avour which is very popular in Asian countries