Martin Bauer Group

Expertise and passion for botanical products

Since 1930 we have tailored our botanical products to the product application needs of our customers from the global food, tea, phytopharmaceutical and animal nutrition industries.

All our products reflect our passion and love for nature and come from responsibly sourced, high-quality botanicals that are processed using rigorous certified methods.

> 25

With more than 25 manufacturing sites and sales units worldwide, we keep our finger on the pulse of our local markets and trends.

> 160

We have more than 160 years of experience in herbal products. Each of our products is infused with that expertise.

> 4.000

In the nature network®, more than 4,000 employees worldwide — many of them with decades of experience — work to maintain your competitive edge.

> 600

As part of the nature network®, we contribute to consolidated revenue totaling more than €600 million.

Business units

Since 1930, Martin Bauer has been synonymous with high-quality herbal and fruit infusions, medicinal teas, decaffeinated teas, flavored black and green teas, herbal powders and botanicals. Our skilled employees increase our innovative edge, day after day, as the world's leading supplier of herbal and fruit infusions. In this business unit alone, our development teams create thousands of product formulations every year.

Plantextrakt has been a leader in high-quality tea, herbal and fruit extracts, as well as tea flavors since 1980. To our international customers, we offer thousands of different formulations for product applications in the beverage, dairy, baby food, confectionery and animal nutrition industries.

Since 1875, Finzelberg has been a partner of the world's leading healthcare companies, offering high-quality active herbal ingredients for active phytopharmaceutical ingredients and nutritional supplements. We produce more than 800 different products for our customers in different dosage forms. In addition, we provide expert advice on the development of new products or regulatory approval and registration.

Our global sites

We operate more than 25 manufacturing sites and sales units around the world.


Martin Bauer and his love of herbs


Martin Bauer discovered his passion for hunting and collecting wild herbs at an early age. A farmer’s son, he was dabbling in herbs in the Bavarian hinterland, when he came up with the idea of turning his passion into a source of income. Riding his bicycle, he delivered his first batches of wild herbs to pharmacies, drugstores, hospitals and health food shops. He soon started growing his own herbs in his fields.
In 1930, at the age of 28, Martin Bauer built an herb processing plant, which later turned into a multinational enterprise. Soon he not only grew herbs, but also started to buy and reprocess them.

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Martin Bauer became strongly invested in the quality of his products.

Since business success had outgrown the labor supplied by the family, the company started using a tobacco-cutting machine in the 1930s.

In the 1950s, Martin Bauer’s son-in-law Hans Wedel joined the company, ushering in its expansion. Herbal and fruit infusions became the company’s core products. Later on, the product range was expanded to include medicinal teas and mixtures.

In the 1960s, the company grew rapidly thanks to a special fine-cutting method for tea in bags. The modern cutting system turned out 10 tons of fine herbs every day, enough for filling five million tea bags. The company had come a long way from the early days when the family members laboriously cut small batches by hand.

Even at a ripe old age, the ever modest Martin Bauer lent a helping hand in his company.
His passion lives on in his descendants, adding more chapters to the modern fairy tale of an unassuming youngster-turned-global-entrepreneur.

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Subsequent company milestones

  • 1980


    1980 – Plantextrakt is launched. The company specializes in making extracts for food products

    1986 – Birkenweg is acquired. The company specializes in making phytopharmaceutical extracts

    1989 – Acquisition of stake in Finzelberg — a company founded in 1875 — full takeover to follow

  • 1993


    1993 – PhytoLab is formed as a spinoff from the Martin Bauer laboratory

  • 1994

    Eastern Europe

    1994 – A Polish company is privatized and subsequently renamed Phytopharm Kleka

    1994 – The Russian company Krasnogorskleksredstva is privatized

    1997 – All Central and Eastern European activities related to development, manufacture and pharmaceutical distribution of herbal medicinal products are grouped in the Europlant Group division

    2011 – The Ukrainian company Liktravy is acquired

  • 1996

    North America

    1996 – Martin Bauer USA is launched

    2008 – Kentea USA is acquired

    2019 – BI Nutraceuticals USA is acquired

  • 1998

    Europe/Middle East

    1998 – The Paul Müggenburg group is acquired

    1998 – Martin Bauer Alveslohe becomes an important site for botanicals

    1998 – Plantafarm Spain becomes an important site for the Group

    1999 – The Italian company D. Ulrich, founded in 1854, is acquired and subsequently renamed Martin Bauer Italy

    2004 – Martin Bauer Turkey is launched

  • 2010


    2010 – A joint venture is formed with Chinese tea producer ShanShan Tea. In 2014, a majority stake is acquired in the JV, subsequently renamed Martin Bauer Plant Extracts

    2013 – Martin Bauer China is launched

    2017 – Martin Bauer Japan is launched

  • 2013

    Latin America

    2013 – Martin Bauer Brazil is launched

    2016 – Martin Bauer Argentina is launched

    2017 – A stake is acquired in the Brazilian company São Mateus