Botanical extracts, raw material and powders for animal nutrition

Herbal extracts, botanicals and herbal powders are all important components of a balanced and functional animal diet. To meet the needs of the pet food, aqua nutrition and animal feed industries, we offer a special range of herbal ingredients for all segments of animal nutrition.
Regardless of whether the effect is either functional, sensory or technical, our plants provide a benefit in every food or feed; whether psyllium husk to support digestion and to act as stabilizing agent, turmeric as a natural colouring material, olive leaves as an antioxidant or a liquorice root to stimulate the appetite.


Pet food

We provide botanical components with high quality standards for the extrusion of dry fodder. Linseed and pumpkin are for example act as active ingredients. They are associated with health benefits due to their substantial quantity of good fats.

Recommended Applications:

Pet Food


Animal feed

Ensuring a certified supply chain is becoming more and more important in the livestock sector. Fenugreek seeds, boldo leaves, gentian root, flea seed skins, olive leaves and liquorice root are some botanical components of our range list.
We want to support the well-being of our animals by using our natural components.

Recommended Applications:

Animal Feed


Aqua nutrition

We offer a collection of botanical extracts tailored to the specific requirements of aqua nutrition.

Recommended Applications:

Aqua Nutrition