Martin Bauer Group

Expertise and passion for botanical products

Since 1930, Martin Bauer Group has stood for expertise in botanical products.

Our success is built on our passion and love for nature. Whether peppermint, hibiscus or mate, our products always come from responsibly sourced, high-quality botanicals that are processed using rigorous, certified methods.

We provide bespoke solutions to our customers from the tea, beverage and food industries. As drivers of innovation and creativity, we deliver solutions for successful products of tomorrow.


Our unique variety of refined botanicals


All our herbal and fruit infusions — whether chamomile, hibiscus or rosehip — reflect our core expertise and passion. We create, refine and blend all kinds of tea, creating thousands of blends per year. Our goal is to release the full potential of flavors in all cut sizes.

Recommended Applications:

Tea Bags

Loose Blends


Ready to Drink

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Botanical Extracts for Food and Beverages

Our unique portfolio of liquid and dried extracts, based on conventional or certified high-quality botanicals, gives your products that extra touch, whether it’s a pure taste or color experience or added functional benefits.

Recommended Applications:

Ready to Drink

Dairy Products


Instant Powders

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Botanical Raw Materials and Powders

Our top-quality botanicals and botanical powders enhance your product applications in taste, color or functional benefits.

Recommended Applications:

Ready to Drink

Dairy Products

Bakery and Cereals


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Botanical Extracts, Raw Material and Powders for Animal Nutrition

Botanical extracts, raw material and powders are all important components of a balanced and functional animal diet. To meet the needs of the pet food, aqua nutrition and animal feed industries, we offer a special range of botanical ingredients for all segments of animal nutrition.

Recommended Applications:

Pet Food

Animal Feed

Aqua Nutrition

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Our expertise matches your product applications

We closely monitor the trends of local and global markets and have a deep understanding of the needs of a wide range of industries and of their consumers. Our customers rely on the skillfulness and ingenuity of our development experts to create solutions that perfectly match their product applications.

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Quality and safety

From source to finished product — we meet the highest standards

As participants in the value chain, we carry a special responsibility not only towards our customers, but also towards consumer. We always aim for the highest quality and safety standards for our botanical products, and act responsibly within the scope of our corporate strategy.

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We are naturals at sustainability

As a family business, we have always embraced our corporate responsibility. As advocates for the UN sustainability goals, we are active in local and global communities and along our entire supply chain to support responsible behavior towards the environment and our fellow human beings.

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We love what we do 

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